Karen Elstob, IQ Business: "Learning from other industries"


“There is a lot of value in making connections cross-industry,” said Karen Elstob, who is responsible for Business Development at IQ Business. On Wednesday Elstob met with the founders of CFO South Africa, the leading networking platform for financial professionals in South Africa. They discussed the challenges and opportunities in the financial sector. “Professionals can learn a lot from colleagues in other industries,” Elstobs said, emphasizing the significance of the CFO SA initiative.

Established in 1998, IQ is one of the leading, independent management consulting firms in South Africa. In a slight change of strategy, the company has recently also started spotlighting its contracting business, which Elstob on Wednesday described as the "bread and butter" of the Johannesburg based firm. IQ Business also recently commenced the development of a dedicated research branch. "It's really quite an exciting development," Elstob said.

IQ Business currently employs about 350 people in South Africa. The company prides itself on delivering hands-on solutions that make clients' businesses more effective and efficient. The full account of the interview with IQ's Karen Elstob will be published next week.

From left to right in the picture: Melle Eijckelhoff (CFO SA), Karen Elstob (IQ Business), Alex van Groningen (CFO SA).

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