Konsise uses innovation to make tax easy


A new way for finance managers to store tax filing information, optimise efficiency and reduce tax headaches.

Konsise’s specialised software platform assists finance professionals in the day-to-day management of their tax preparations, filing submissions and record keeping. Integration with SARS is just one of the benefits.

Philip Tillman, co-founder of Konsise says, “What we’re trying to do is shift teams from time-consuming manual processes using Excel and legacy tools like SharePoint, to a more efficient, streamlined system. The platform improves the management of a company’s tax responsibilities, deadlines and record keeping in a whole new way.”

The efficiency gains from implementing Konsise are significant, especially for complex entities such as multinationals, which often face the prospect of hundreds of tax filings a year. Reducing the huge volumes of paperwork generated by large enterprises eliminates the drag on the time and strategic output of valuable resources.

Make compliance simpler
The platform reduces the risk to business that comes with traditional paper and files systems; users can upload all tax-related documentation and files, with each saved in an easy and logical framework, making future accessibility straightforward. The application itself stores all the business’s tax obligations for years to come.

“Fifty percent of companies wouldn’t have their original supporting documents if SARS came to audit them within the stipulated five years,” explains Philip. “For example, if they need to provide documents for an audit from three years ago, most organisations don’t have the original documents to be able to support their tax filings to achieve that.”

“By integrating with SARS, Konsise reduces the reliance on e-filing for status information. It ensures that you never forget another deadline, never miss a SARS correspondence and never lose any records again.”

Future ready and relevant
In step with the evolving workplace, Konsise is perfect for teams working remotely and Philip explains that, “Because of Covid-19, most organisations accelerated the process of digitising all of their financial processes. With Konsise they’re able to do all of their tax work no matter where they are.”

The secure, cloud-based software enables any company of any size to better manage their VAT, payroll and corporate tax in any country in the world. It is agile enough to move the filing cabinet into the cloud for small companies and scalable enough to meet the more complex demands of large organisations.

Konsise is a solution that does for tax management what a CRM system did for sales management, allowing your finance team to say goodbye to lever arch files and SharePoint folders forever.

Konsise will be at the 2020 Finance Indaba. Their innovative platform is the new way to manage your company’s tax responsibilities, deadlines and record keeping in one place.

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