Lance Tomlinson, Assurance Leader Africa EY: Responsibility at the top of the food chain


“Graduates often ask me how it is to be on top of the food chain,” says Lance Tomlinson, Assurance Leader Africa at EY, formerly known as Ernst & Young. “Then I answer it is themselves who are on top of the food chain; there are only 30,000 chartered accountants in South Africa and we have a population of 53 million people. Becoming a CA is one of the most fantastic career designations. It opens up a host of opportunities.”

On Tuesday Tomlinson met with Alex van Groningen (left in the photo) and Melle Eijckelhoff (right) of networking platform CFO South Africa to discuss a wide range of topics that touch the lives of CFOs and CAs that are trying to book successes in Africa. "It is not easy and you have to stick with your studies for seven years, but ones you're on top it comes responsibility to your country," says Tomlinson. "You have to lift while you rise!"

Tomlinson is responsible for EY operations in 33 African countries and works with over 130 partnes there. The full interview with him will be published on this website at a later stage.

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