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Managing your IFRS 16 accounting standard compliance and providing asset management solutions.

In the current climate and skills shortage, there is no denying the fact that streamlining is a priority for many businesses. It comes down to reducing the time and effort spent on trying to organise the tasks and data associated with lease and asset management, whilst ensuring all is stored in one place for easy access and reference.

That’s where we come in. Established in 2019, LeaseTracker is a cloud-based lease and asset management software solution that was built to ensure all of your lease and asset management needs are met in an easy-to-use, secure and accessible platform. We understand the importance of streamlining processes to ensure no inefficient leakages to your bottom line, and designed the software to help do just that.

Currently, there are three main products in the LeaseTracker stable, all of which are designed to promote convenience, accessibility and compliance – never has lease and asset management been so easy!

Get compliant: LeaseTracker IFRS 16 Solution
A Sage ISV Partner, LeaseTracker is a fully integrated software solution that ensures you are able to meet all of the requirements of the latest accounting standards. In addition, the LeaseTracker IFRS 16 Solution is designed to help you effectively eliminate the uncertainty that comes with version control and eliminate the use of isolated spreadsheets. All leases are managed in one central place. The segregation of duties is built into the system to conform to audit standards.

  • Immediate calculation of all IFRS 16 schedules and journals.
  • Reports for monthly journals, YTD figures, remeasurements, additions and terminations are all available at multiple group and reporting levels.
  • All impairments and remeasurement calculations are built into the system to comply with the latest IFRS 16 requirements.
  • Use the system for IFRS 16 actuals, forecast and budgets; including actual future cashflows.

Get in control: LeaseTracker Asset Management Solution
Manages all aspects of your fixed assets, including maintenance and warranties, as well as all property, municipal and tenant charges. The LeaseTracker Asset Management Solution allows you to run your asset projects seamlessly and without hassle.

  • Store all your asset information in a systematic and central place.
  • Ensure all of your fixed asset documents are in one place. This includes maintenance documents, warranties and all invoices relating to general repairs and capital improvements.
  • Manage all aspects of your tenants, including billing schedules and occupancy together with exit checklists.
  • Run all your projects per asset and keep track of your budget vs actual spend, spend per supplier, and store all your capex documentation linked to a project.
  • Receive system notifications for asset service reminders.

Get streamlined: LeaseTracker Hire Purchase Management Solution
Our Hire Purchase Management Solution is the ideal platform for anyone who is looking to keep all of their critical finance lease information in one central place. Not only does our hire purchase offering boast instant accessibility from anywhere in the world, but it also promises new levels of streamlined output.

  • Get instant and accurate cashflow forecasting reports available for all your finance leases.
  • Have visibility on all your lending facilities per financial institution and asset class. Use the system to supply maturity profiles and future cashflows - no more guessing what your funding position is and the amount of facilities available.
  • All-important calculations are built into the system, and rates are updated automatically as the interest rates change.
  • Reports for monthly journals, YTD figures, additions and terminations are all available at multiple group and reporting levels.
  • Use the system for actuals, forecasts, and budgets including future cashflows.

Thanks to technology, streamlining your lease and asset management processes has never been easier. Our cloud-based solutions ensure that you’re able to prioritize output, and focus on getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

This solution will benefit your business across all areas, as experienced by many of our customers.

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