Life-hacker Martijn Aslander to speak at Finance Indaba 2017


Martijn Aslander is a thought leader, public speaker and executive sparring partner with a unique ability to challenge business leaders and help them to think outside of the box.

Martijn is also a man who does not pull his punches. In demand as a speaker on everything from the rapid adaptation to new technologies in modern society, the rise of the network economy to instant access to the latest innovations and the upcoming fall of powerful institutions and curbing climate change, the charismatic Dutchman can be counted on to cut straight to the heart of the matter without fear or favour.

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It is therefore with great pleasure that CFO South Africa announces that Martijn will return to the stage at the Finance Indaba to captivate audiences with his idiosyncratic mix of inspiration, confusion, information and entertainment.

At last year's event, in an address, titled "Forget ownership, attitude is the key to exponential growth in the 21st century", he posited that the network effect is not only changing the world faster than ever before, but disrupting and decentralising both power and production. That's why - he argued - what you own or what you know is now of diminishing importance, while your attitude and your ability to adapt will be paramount.

"The stuff that is happening right now, you can't measure it in classical economic terms. Abundant things are not measured. We will see the end of the big banks and law firms, he argued, and within 10 years, computer power will be a million times more powerful, and even more accessible to everyone. "If you are in the financial industry, you still have time to transform," he warned.

Martijn explains the driving force behind his career that has seen him granted access to boardrooms around the globe."Pretty much everything I do and believe in is based on one conviction: bring people, information and resources together and you can innovate and change the world without money and paper."

If his well-received talks at the Finance Indaba and other CFO South Africa events are anything to go by, the audience is in for a rollicking ride!

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