Liquid Telecom CEO Reshaad Sha resigns to head up BriteGaze


Reshaad will head up the new artificial intelligence venture, which is set to launch on 10 October.

Liquid Telecom South Africa has announced the resignation of Reshaad Sha as its CEO to head up a new artificial intelligence venture. 

Reshaad was appointed as the CEO of Liquid Telecom South Africa in 2018 and was tasked with the company’s turnaround plan. After successfully turning around the company, he will be leaving to run BriteGaze, which is set to launch on 10 October 2020.

Before joining Liquid Telecom, Reshaad served as the CEO of IoT network operator SqwidNet and chief strategy officer and executive director of Dark Fibre Africa. He’s also worked for various global technology and telecoms companies, including Cisco and LogicaCMG.

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