Mazars: `CFO South Africa a crucial initiative`


"CFO South Africa is a crucial initiative," says Nazreen Pandor, Director of Business Development at Mazars, an international organisation, specialising in audit, accountancy, tax, legal and advisory services. "When Chief Financial Officers and Finance Directors from the private and public sector come together to exchange knowledge, that can only benefit the country as a whole."

On Tuesday Pandor and her colleague Miles Fisher, a partner in the firm specializing in audits, met with Alex van Groningen, one of the founding directors of CFO South Africa. In a frank conversation they spoke about the challenge of educating and retaining auditors, the ways Mazars helps to improve accountability at municipalities and the challenges that CFOs face - and how Mazars can address those challenges.

Mazars eploys about 900 people in South Afric and has a great story to tell about the way they differentiate themselves from other auditing and accounting firms. Check back on this website soon for the full interview with Pandor and Fisher.

In the photo (from left to right): Alex van Groningen (CFO South Africa), Nazreen Pandor and Miles Fisher (Mazars).

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