Meet Fireblade Aviation’s new finance executive


Rukayya Naicker is excited to showcase the beauty of South Africa as Fireblade Aviation’s new finance boss.

Fireblade Aviation has appointed Rukayya Naicker as its new finance executive.

Known for her energetic, compassionate and people-oriented nature, Rukayya’s belief in nurturing the growth of the country aligns with the organisation’s mission.

“Fireblade Aviation’s commitment to inclusivity, its comprehensive service offerings, and its dedication to showcasing the beauty of South Africa are key factors that resonate with me,” she says.

She hopes to continue to foster these values, with a leadership style rooted in mentorship and collaboration. Rukkaya understands the value of leveraging individual strengths to achieve collective success, a principle she holds dear in her approach to leadership.

“I think the differentiator in terms of the people that I like to work with is that they must have integrity, must be happy with what they’re doing, and must be hardworking,” she notes, emphasising the importance of qualities that extend beyond technical skills.

Born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal, Rukayya started her career as an audit manager and later joined South African Breweries (SAB), where she got the opportunity to work across all spectrums of finance and business.

“My decision to leave the auditing profession and join the corporate world was because I believed that I had a greater opportunity to use my financial training to make an influential difference from within an organisation, where I was able to apply my financial expertise at various levels, from sales and distribution to group accounting to shared services management within SAB. This collective experience paved the way to take on increasingly influential roles in the finance sector,” she says.

After working at SAB for over six years, Rukayya joined The House of Busby as a commercial finance executive for two years before stepping into her most recent role as finance executive for Grandmark International before joining Fireblade.

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