Network Recruitment: The right skills and the right fit are not the same thing


Bad hires can be expensive. Nicoli Sauerman says that's why companies need tailored recruitment solutions.

Nicoli Sauerman, GM of Network Recruitment, says that most industries on the continent have been affected by the departure of skilled individuals, and with the success of any business reliant on having capable individuals fulfilling important roles, this needs to be addressed.

“We are seeing internal recruitment teams fulfilling a larger function in business. This in itself can easily become a large non-core function requiring a lot of management and capital. Many companies have a need for tailored solutions that are cost effective and less time consuming for them. Nothing is more expensive than the wrong hire.”

Nicoli feels retention strategies are very challenging as people are motivated by so many different things.

“This should be a top priority for every organisation. It is very important to understand what has value for your workforce and develop retention strategies around what will really be effective. When you partner with a sourcing company, it is very important that they understand your organisational values, culture, and dynamics as this information will play a large role in retention.”
She adds: 

“Even though there is a generational gap that still plays a big role in recruitment and retention, our approach is to interview people that not only have the skills but can fit into the environment better. While salary is important, people are generally satisfied and motivated by different things. There are similarities across generations in finding the driving force of a person, but motivations can vary significantly. In the current economic climate, a general trend is that it is less about benefits and more about how much money you take home.”

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The recruitment landscape has changed dramatically over the years with technology providing many platforms, yet finding the skill and finding the right fit for your team is not necessarily the same thing.
As one of the sponsors of the Finance Indaba Africa, Network Recruitment believes events such as these are an important platform to connect with the right kind of people capable of driving economic growth in the country.

“Currently, there is a war for talent, finding the unique skill set a business requires. Having this in place is critical to operational success. Finding top talent is relatively easy in the digital age we live in, but transitioning people from one environment to the next is more difficult and time consuming”, says Nicoli. 

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