Ruwayda Redfearn takes up CEO role at Deloitte Africa


Ruwayda takes over as Lwazi Bam steps down from his 28-year tenure with the firm.

Ruwayda Redfearn today (1 June 2022) stepped into the role of Deloitte Africa’s new CEO, becoming the first female CEO in the firm’s history.

Deloitte announced in November 2021 that she would be succeeding Lwazi Bam, whose 28-year tenure with the firm has come to an end. Now, as Lwazi exits the group, Ruwayda leaves behind her position as board chair to take over.

Commenting on Lwazi’s departure, Ruwayda said: “Lwazi has served Deloitte with distinction over the years and helped us navigate some of the most challenging times, both for the auditing profession as well as the country through Covid-19. We are grateful for his leadership and wish him well with his future endeavours.”

In turn, Lwazi has said that he is honoured to hand over the reins to Ruwayda. “I believe [Ruwayda] will lead the firm to even greater heights.”

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