SAP Business one from 4Most provides seamless integration, data integrity and all round savings for G4S secure solutions Zambia



With a presence in over 125 countries and an extensive offering, G4S is the largest international provider of security solutions. Ranging from on-site manned security and cash processing solutions to cash in transit and ATM security, their services ensure that wherever the protection of assets is important G4S is able to provide the solution.

A series of mergers and acquisitions in the Zambian market left the local office with a legacy infrastructure falling short of current requirements. Incompatibilities between this legacy system and the G4S globally accepted SAP platform had led to a lack of data integrity in international reporting creating governance and transparency issues, coupled with inefficiencies in local business processes.

Within any international organisation the need for accurate regional and global head office reporting is paramount. With G4S no exception, the Zambian office was finding themselves challenged to deliver on this requirement. Partly solved through additional internal processes, it still required a degree of manual manipulation to convert data from the legacy system into the required format. Further complicated by consolidation issues with the local accounting system, G4S Zambia found themselves plagued with continued inaccuracies leading to queries at group level.

"Security and integrity of data across all areas of its organisation is critical for G4S," says Eugene Olivier, business development director at 4most, a leading supplier and implementer of ERP software and technology. "After a detailed scope of their requirements, we were confident recommending SAP Business One as the best solution moving forward."

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The initial implementation involved the core financial databases, allowing for generation of ledgers and profit and loss statements. Whilst this gave G4S Zambia the required transparency and integrity in their reporting process, it was merely a replication of what had previously been possible with access to sufficient detail across various business processes still lacking. To solve this, 4most streamlined their chart of accounts into a non-segmented structure creating multi-dimensional views for various cost centres where previously there had been only one. The added dimensions allowed for greater transparency and more accurate reporting both internationally and within the local operation.

Dawda Bobb, G4S Zambia's Finance Director originally of the G4S UK operation, knew what was possible from an international best practices perspective. "Whilst the initial implementation allowed us to enjoy at least 95% of what we wanted, a slight customisation of the existing infrastructure gave us the extra functionality we required for reporting and improved efficiencies between different business systems," says Bobb.

Additional functionality includes automation of the procurement, payroll, fixed assets and recurring billing functions. With each module seamlessly integrated into the SAP platform, further business process efficiencies have been enabled leading to enhanced detail across local and international reporting. And a 20% reduction in time, significantly increasing company productivity. Although their financial return has not yet been determined, the Zambian office conservatively estimates a minimum cost reduction of 5% due to time saved and the elimination of human error.

Moving forward, G4S Zambia are looking at an automated Accounts Payable module, allowing for the integration of creditors' payments with their local bank. "There appears no end to what 4most is able to provide, with every request for enhancement or customisation met with an absolute commitment to meet our need and provide a solution," says Bobb.

The new infrastructure has also enjoyed widespread user acceptance and uptake. The general feedback received rates the SAP system as a lot easier to navigate and understand, together with increased user friendliness.

"SAP Business One has provided us with clarity," continues Bobb. "We are now able to drill down into detail previously not possible, providing us with the visibility and ability to really see what is happening in certain parts of our business."

About 4most:
4most, established in 2004, is the number one supplier and implementer of SAP ERP business management solution software and technology solutions. With offices in South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Namibia, along with a presence in Zambia and Malawi and a growing footprint in Tanzania, 4most offers a strong base provided by considerable experience and skills accumulated over 25 years.

We have implemented over 3000 SAP Business One users across numerous industries and have supplied services to more than 150 companies, including implementation, support and maintenance. Application modifications of SAP Business One and other ERP software systems have provided tailor-made and innovative solutions, which have created a competitive advantage for numerous businesses in Southern Africa.

4most truly partners with our clients from the very beginning. We have dynamic IT and business specialists, who provide customers with a platform for growth based on best practice and understand the SME-market as well as support functions which include infrastructure support and maintenance, software development and training.

We seek to fully understand our clients business and daily operational processes, we then address their requirements whilst sharing our knowledge and expertise and best advise them of industry standards and best practices. We provide them with a clear project plan detailing roles, responsibilities and timelines and we remain with our clients as they grow and help them to define their future business.

As an SAP Gold Partner, being the first and only partner to establish all-round SAP competency, the consistency of our expertise in business management solutions has earned 4most an award-winning reputation. The company boasts a dedicated client care centre and an in-house training facility for continued care. Our offices include a data centre to facilitate hosted solutions tailored to business specific requirements.

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