The problem businesses have is not skills based but data based says Dominic Nel


SurTech chief revenue officer Dominic Nel will be talking about spreadsheets and corruption at Finance Indaba.

On 16 and 17 October, SurTech chief revenue officer Dominic Nel will be speaking at the Finance Indaba

His first session, titled “Why your spreadsheets don’t make the grade for VAT assurance” will take place on Day One in Boardroom 1 & 2 of the Sandton Convention Centre at 10am. 

About his session, Dominic says that many finance professionals will easily spend hundreds of hours a year on tax spreadsheets; it takes endless collaboration with several people, setting up data connections, writing macros, version control consideration, backup processes, refreshing data, updating templates, fixing formulas… the list goes on.

“It can be quite impressive to see what the finance team can do in Excel,” he says. “But, when more technology-based solutions exist out there, one must ask if you could be spending their time on other value-adding activities for the business and rather than spreadsheet building and maintenance.” 

His second session, titled “Corruption. Some criminals are THAT stupid” will take place on Day Two in Breakout Room 3 of the Sandton Convention Centre at 11am. 

“Over the past few years, South Africa has seen its fair share of commissions and inquiries. Many of which have been set up specifically to investigate some well known big businesses that made headlines for all the wrong reasons.” 

He says that this talk takes a look at some real-life examples of how corporate criminals operate and give insights into ways for you to protect your hard-earned revenue. 

Dominic hopes that Finance Indaba attendees realise that the problem they have is not skills or resource-based but data-based. “Applying the right technology to combat the excess amount of data would sooner solve their problem than applying more resources,” he said. 

“The one take away for me is that I live in a country that is currently plagued with corruption and fraud, My passion is providing a service that mitigates this and other key business risks in a manner that reduces costs and maximises their return on investment.” 

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