"What if I told you time is not the enemy?" says Beyond the Dress's Lori Milner


Lori explains that owning your time is more than just scheduling your tasks into the calendar.

On 16 October, Beyond the Dress co-founder Lori Milner will be speaking at the Finance Indaba. 

Her session, titled “Own your time”, will be in Boardroom 3 of the Sandton Convention Centre at 11am. 

“Owning your time is more than just scheduling your tasks into the calendar,” Lori explains. “The key to owning your time is showing up to yourself.” 

She says that the reality is: you can’t manage time. All you can do is manage the decisions about how you’re going to spend your day and what you’re going to do. Effective time management is a decision-making process and understanding that truly owning your time starts with boundary management and energy management.

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“It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day,” Lori says. “But what if I told you time is not the enemy? What if I told you there are enough hours in the day?” 

She explains that we need to get better at scheduling more of ourselves into the calendar… guilt-free. As an entrepreneur and mother of two kids, aged four and six, Lori has learnt that there is no one else who can energise her and no one who can do her sit-ups for her.

“Although I am the master of my diary, I have to be even more deliberate with how I spend my time, what I choose to focus on and what I say no to in order to make maximum impact with the least wasted effort and energy.” 

Lori says that:

“The way I create time for the things that matter starts with powerful habits to move me closer to my goals one day at a time. Consistency is the missing link between a perceived lack of time and progress on our goals. Consistency compounds over time and also enables us to make behaviours more automatic and create habits.” 

She explains that when we have solid habits, it enables us to free up decision-making and use that energy for the work that matters to us. 

“Each day is made up of moments, but it is really a few habitual choices that determine the path you take. These little choices stack up, each one setting the trajectory for how you spend the next chunk of time.” 

Lori refers to American author Gary Kellar, who said that “You are what you repeatedly do, the achievement isn’t an action you take but a habit you forge into your life. You don’t have to seek out success. Harness the power of selected discipline to build the right habit, and extraordinary results will find you.” 

She concludes with: 

“When you have this formula right, you are well on your way to own your time and create the life you want.” 

Beyond the Dress was founded in 2011 with a core focus on how to bridge the gap between work and personal life. Lori co-authored “Own Your Space: The Toolkit for the Working Woman in 2016” and delivered a TEDxLytteltonWomen talk in December 2018 on “How to Create Micro Wins”. 

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