Workday webinar to reveal the playbook for smart finance


Workday's Edward Bass and Brian Montgomery will explain how finance has to continuously transform.

On 3 September, CFO South Africa, in partnership with Workday, will be hosting a webinar that examines how large multinational corporations can increase the productivity of their finance teams during Covid-19 by eliminating mundane tasks. 

During this webinar, two of Workday’s most experienced global executives, Edward Bass (pictured) and Brian Montgomery, will reveal their finance playbook for a changing world and explain why Workday Financial Management is used by companies like Netflix, AON and Airbnb.

Edward and Brian have worked with finance leaders from a range of industries and geographies to help them deliver more relevant and insightful services back to their businesses at pace. 

Edward explains that Workday is the first solution for finance that delivers transformation and liberates the finance team from mundane tasks like data management. “But we have to change the language around transformation, because currently it suggests that you transform once and you leave it behind. It has to be a continuum. You need to partner with a company that continuously innovates in the same direction that you want your business to go.” 

Bryan, who will be attending the webinar on day three of a period close, says that the only reason he is able to do so, is because he’s already closed. “I have a solution that allows me to constantly close so that my team is running other finance projects for the business that drives efficiency.”

Edward explains that, like the hamster wheel, finance needs to continuously go around the circle of the monthly cycle. “If you reduce the amount of work you’re doing in that monthly cycle, you can then focus on the people, talent and performance of the finance team.”

“By sharpening, extending or replacing the tools and processes in the Office of the CFO, teams can instead focus on adding real value to the business,” he says. “This, during a challenging economic environment, could be the difference between staying in front and winning the greater market share, or being left behind.”

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