ESG Summit - powered by CFO South Africa & CHRO South Africa


Exclusive for: Finance and HR executives

Location: Johannesburg

Date & Time: 03 March 2022 16:00

Real change or window-dressing? What role should YOU play in ESG

The letters ESG are becoming a massive focus in the glossiest of integrated reports of JSE-listed companies, but do these businesses really contribute to society? During this important summit, organised by CFO South Africa and CHRO South Africa, finance and HR leaders will learn, debate and interrogate what a commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance really means for executives and the companies they work for.

The ESG Summit kicks off with an essential keynote by Andrey Bogdanov of Risk Insights, which is pioneering a tool to test the veracity of ESG-commitment and compare the real initiatives across the business landscape in SA and Africa, considering global social, climate and governance challenges. Andrey will also explain the 1-4 ESG rating scale that JSE-listed companies get scored on and will help you to separate compliance from real change.

The main part of the event will consist of two boardroom discussions, during which CFOs, CHROs and top experts have the opportunity to interrogate and debate an environmental, social and governance dilemma. What is the right thing to do? What is the most profitable thing to do? How does it impact your ESG score?

Execs involved include the likes of Ted Willcox (Pepsico), Aneshree Naidoo (Webber Wentzel), Richard McDonald (Digby Wells) and HR leaders like Vinolia Singh (Adcorp) and Palesa Ntoagae (JSE) as well as experts, Francois Joubert (Fasken) and Tamara Parker (Mercer). If you want to know the ins and outs of ESG and what your peers are doing about it, this is the event you cannot miss.

: Arrival and registration
16h30: Welcome and introduction
17h00: The ESG Rating system by Andrey Bogdanov, CEO, Risk Insights
17h30: Boardroom simulation 1 with Ted Willcox (Pepsico CFO), Malisha Awunor (EOH), Meroonisha Kerber (Impala Platinum CFO), Vinolia Singh (Adcorp CPO), Masibulele Dem (Hulisani CFO), Aneshree Naidoo (Webber Wentzel CFO).
18h00: Networking Break
18h30: Boardroom simulation 2 with Francois Joubert (Fasken Partner), Palesa Ntoagae (JSE HRD), Richard McDonald (Digby Wells CFO), Nopasika Lila (Barloworld FD), Tamara Parker (Mercer CEO) and Riaan Davel (DRD Gold CFO).
19h00: Expert ESG Evaluation & Feedback
19h30: Drinks & networking