Cassel & Co


Cassel & Co is the recruiting Partner of Choice withing the Finance and Accounting sector across Africa.

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Since 1989, Cassel&Co has concentrated on being the recruiting Partner of Choice within the Finance and Accounting sector in both South Africa and Africa. By focusing only on professionals and clients in these disciplines, we have been able to develop extended networks of talent and have built a thorough understanding of the environments and challenges facing those recruiting Finance and Accounting teams in a wide range of businesses, from start ups to corporates.

We have extensive networks and a proven track record of providing many South African and African companies with talent solutions for their Finance and Accounting teams. These long-term partnerships help us to continuously expand our networks and opportunities and allow  us to present candidates seeking rewarding employment with a range of placement options that will develop and advance their careers. 

We are fanatical about finance.

Address: The Crescent 1?????????? Block A, 3 Eglin Road???????????? Sunninghill???? Johannesburg

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Phone: +27 11 ?234 1432