Konsise is a cloud-based electronic tax management system (ETMS) that helps companies to better manage their company tax processes and filings.


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Digital disruption and remote working have changed the workplace forever and ready or not, the tax function is rapidly becoming digital too. In the modern world where there is an application for just about everything, many teams have been using customised tools and software solutions for several years. Human Resources have payroll and HR systems, sales use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, whilst finance have had accounting software for decades. It seems that everyone has their own tool, but the person responsible for an organisation’s taxes hasn’t been so lucky. That is until now.

Konsise is a cloud-based electronic tax management system that gives South African companies a software platform to manage VAT, PAYE, Corporate Tax, and other SARS filing, all in one place

The SARS submission integration enables the direct submission of VAT201 and IRP6 returns from Konsise into SARS eFiling, while the unique SARS eFiling Robot constantly checks the SARS eFiling site for correspondence from SARS and the Statement of Account values that SARS holds for the VAT, Provisional Tax, Corporate Income Tax and Employee Payroll Tax.

Address: 1st Floor, The Mall Offices, 11 Cradock Avenue, Rosebank

Phone: +27 86 199 9190

Website: www.konsise.com