Karen Nordier


Job Title: FD

Company: Tradehold


Karen Louise Nordier joined EY’s London Office, where she gained international audit experience on investment property and industrial listed companies. In 1997 she joined the Mettle group, where she performed numerous and varied roles including financial management, group risk management and compliance, transaction implementation and management, internal audit, implementation and documentation of processes and controls, operations management and HR Management. She was appointed Financial Director of Tradehold in May 2014. She is a CA(SA) and she has a B.Compt Honours degree.

2014 – Present    Financial Director, Tradehold Ltd
1997 -                     Various positions, Mettle Group

                                B.Compt Hons,

About Tradehold Ltd: Tradehold is an investment holding company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Their investment strategy spans property, service offices and financial services. Their holdings include the Moorgarth group, Reward Investments Ltd and The Boutique Workplace in the United Kingdom as well as Tradehold Africa, Collins Group, Mettle and Nguni in Africa. 


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