Talent, culture & leadership

An incredibly important part of adding value as a finance leader is to get a handle on the “soft” issues within your business and this series will bring you the leading insights from successful CFOs and leaders in this field. If there is a competitive advantage to be had in 2017, it may well be here - don’t miss out.

27 November 2013

Grant Robson and Richard Angus, Directors of The Finance Team: Matching Personalities

“In theory it is not always appropriate to talk about family and private interests during a job interview,” says Richard Angus, CEO of The Finance Team, “but personality and culture fit is critical to a successful engagement, so we do it anyway. In the end, a lot of what The Finance Team does is personality matching, says Angus. “Finding a personal and cultural click between people is essential when it comes to placing finance experts temporarily into any organisation.”

17 April 2012

5 things managers need to know

By now, we know pretty well what works in business and what doesn’t. So why do managers waste so much time and money looking for new answers? Why do they ignore the tools that work, and mess with stuff that won’t make any difference to their results? Whatever business you run, there’s a handful of things you just have to get right in order to deliver growth and profits – and to stay in business. Everything else is a distraction. Here’s the critical few:

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