Cost and compliance. Two things you can still control


Cost and compliance. Two things you can still control

Moving business forward in an unpredictable market


There’s always been a strain on budgets, but never like this. Never before have i’s been so strategically dotted and t’s so carefully crossed. Controlling travel and expense (T&E), to put it mildly, is more critical than ever.

Think about it. Even when it was “business as usual,” were you completely confident in your ability to stay on top of travel and expense costs, for example? Could you see every line item on every expense report? Did you have the technology and tools to stop the mistakes, double-entries, miscategorisations, and even a little fraud every now and then?

Now the situation has become even more serious, and control may be slipping even further away.

Yes, it’s always been a struggle. And yes, the struggle is currently more acute. But no, control and compliance aren’t out of reach. Download this e-book from SAP Concur to find out more.

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