Embracing digital acceleration for business agility


Organizations that are resilient thrive even in the most challenging business environments and have a clear strategy for digital acceleration. Accelerating digital transformation (DX) is no longer a choice, and if organizations don't engage with their employees, partners, and customers digitally, they will become increasingly irrelevant. 87 percent of CXOs report that increasing enterprise intelligence is their top priority over the next five years. Virtually all organizations now realize that they must invest in modern technology, which is the foundation of enterprise intelligence and an enabler of future growth. Organizations are adopting technologies like cloud platforms to accelerate their digital journeys. IDC research shows that spending on cloud technologies has significantly outpaced the overall software market as organizations have adapted to a new way in which people work in this hybrid and distributed world.

Digital acceleration truly occurs when organizations can break down silos and when there is seamless integration across different lines of business, business units, and geographies. This integration effort is frequently driven by the office of finance, which often becomes the center of gravity for an organization. The office of finance helps create a strategic vision for the enterprise and coordinates the execution of that vision across different lines of business. Enterprises that break down their internal walls and silos can get full visibility into the state of the business and are able to adapt dynamically to changes dictated by external forces.

This whitepaper includes the example of one such company, Alight (a professional services firm), that modernized its business applications by deploying the cloud-based Workday platform, going live through the course of the pandemic. Alight implemented the Workday platform to replace many of its legacy applications and built a resilient, scalable business platform that gives its global workforce visibility into the state of the business and the ability to have a single source of truth. This integrated platform eliminated all the inefficiencies inherent in its previous siloed applications and allowed Alight to accelerate its digital transformation.

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