Sourcing in the Fast Lane: Delivering Value with Strategic Sourcing


In the face of unprecedented market volatility and supply chain disruption, many CFOs have shifted gears from investing for growth to containing costs, mitigating risk, and supporting board-level environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.

Sourcing teams are uniquely positioned to deliver these pressures by sourcing smarter—helping businesses reduce costs and mitigate risk, all without painful headcount reduction. Leading CPOs make it a priority to empower their Sourcing teams with the right tools and best practices to maximize their horsepower and deliver the most value.

This guide will help you understand how world-class enterprises have achieved these benefits very quickly— capturing positive ROI in as little as six months with millions of dollars saved in the first year. And you will be prepared with the right questions to ask when evaluating solutions to get the most value out of your sourcing transformation.

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