Taking performance management to the next level with intelligent finance


Increasing market volatility and disruption are reshaping and accelerating the future of finance. CFOs and their teams now face a new inflection point. Analysing revenue, costs, cash flow and operational signals on a weekly or even daily basis is no longer just a vision — it’s essential to navigate through rapidly changing business conditions. For many organisations, breaking through the traditional month-end reporting cycles to take action “mid-stream” to drive continuous performance improvement is a requirement to survive and thrive. In short, modern finance organisations need to lead at speed.

The need to lead at speed is also forcing finance teams to accelerate and automate their planning processes and prioritise investments in predictive analytics and machine learning (ML). Why? Because amidst the increasing pace of change and expanded scope of responsibilities, finance and operational leaders must intelligently supplement their planning processes with statistically significant forecasts and quickly compare them to business forecasts that may be biased by the fog of uncertainty created by blending financial intelligence with business acumen. That process then enables finance leaders to forecast on demand — at speed — and at scale across a wide variety of financial and operational scenarios.

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