The CFO's Scenario Planning Starter Kit

How can finance plan accurately in a time when business models, the economy, and technology are undergoing rapid change? What happens when outlier events like Covid-19 hit and your organisation isn’t prepared?

Forward-thinking CFOs and their teams are using scenario planning to eliminate some of the guesswork and be more prepared in times of uncertainty. This type of short-range planning allows finance to run faster, more frequent scenarios to examine potential impacts on the business three, six, and 12 months out.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has shown, many situations lack historical data for teams to refer to when creating plans, making swift decisions and accurate forecasting difficult. Download the CFO’s Scenario Planning Starter Kit, to help you to identify potential shifts, and use scenario planning to minimise risk, stay agile, and maintain business continuity— so you’re better prepared for what’s ahead.

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