Why retail businesses need to transform their finance divisions


Disruption is nothing new in retail. While market shocks, omni-channel engagement, social media, and shifting consumer preferences have battered traditional retailers over recent years, those with foresight and an appetite for digital transformation have unearthed opportunities for profit and growth.

In 2019, KPMG drew clear contours around trends that defined the rapidly changing retail landscape. Among them:

  • Harnessing consumer-centric data to deliver hyper-personalization
  • Finding ways to satisfy price-savvy consumers who now have access to multiple retail channels
  • Growing consumer comfort with AI-powered service agents
  • Adopting new retail platforms that use transactional data in powerful new ways

In the face of these shifts, retailers that resisted or delayed modernisation risked ceding their futures to their more agile competitors.

Download this whitepaper by Workday and KPMG to find out why it's important for retail CFOs aiming to lead their organisations amid increasing uncertainty to make a dramatic shift into the future by digitising, modernising, and transforming the way finance operates.

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