Abigail Mukhuba believes there's no better time to be stepping into the role of Sanlam FD


She sees the challenge of the new role as promoting more flexibility, adaptability and agility.

Abigail Mukhuba will be stepping into the role of Sanlam FD on 1 October, amidst the uncertainty and challenges of Covid-19. 

“Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity is the order of the day,” Abigail says. “Challenging yes, but the present is the least volatile, complex, ambiguous and most certain life will ever be.” 

She says the future, by its own nature, brings constant and unpredictable change. “It is the new normal and the sooner one accepts that, the easier one is able to navigate any role.” 

Abigail further explains that she has accepted this new normal and says that it is wise to learn from the lessons of past experience. “With that wisdom comes the realisation and acknowledgement that I can’t only focus on traditional, sometimes outdated approaches to management and leadership, and day-to-day working.” 

She realises that she has to be part of a team that seeks to find new ways to lead and achieve sustained success, and she believes that is what is happening at Sanlam. 

She also believes there is no better time to step into this role than now. “I am super excited to be part of this change. It will probably be a challenge for my personal leadership and management skills. I see the challenge as promoting more flexibility, adaptability and agility.” 

Abigail joins Sanlam from African Rainbow Minerals where she held the position of FD since 2017.

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