Accolades pour in for Kimi Makwetu: the man who could not be bought or sold


Kimi has served the country with integrity, humility and dignity as the Auditor-General.

The South African finance industry has been shaken by the death of the outgoing Auditor-General and are sharing their memories and experiences of Kimi Makwetu.

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Kimi’s grandson, Simamkele Makwetu defined Kimi as “a man that could not be bought or sold; only death could separate him from his integrity, humility and love for people”.

He said that losing a man of Kimi’s calibre is a great loss. “It is indeed a sad and dark moment for our family, such a deep wound we are having to endure.”

Simamkele recalled a moment in September when he had a conversation with his grandfather about the aftermath of serving as South Africa’s Auditor-General. “He had huge plans and told me he was looking forward to resting with a clean and clear conscience knowing that his work was completed and of the standard expected of him.”

He thanked his grandfather for continuing with the family legacy and taking after their great grandfather, Clarence Mlamli Makwetu. “We promise to take on from where you left off. I love you forever grandad.”

SAICA CEO Freeman Nomvalo said that Kimi was well-loved and respected, a “strong defender of the public interest” and always showed great concern for the chartered accountancy profession as well as the auditing arm of the profession. “We thank Mr Makwetu for always being ethical and steadfast, especially in his contribution to our country’s fight against corruption, and for always advocating for the future of the chartered accountancy profession.”

Deloitte CEO Lwazi Bam said that Kimi served the country with “integrity, professionalism, dignity and pride”. He described the Auditor-General as a dedicated and hardworking public servant. “Under very difficult circumstances, he ensured that the image of the Auditor-General remained intact. When the conditions were such that many institutions were being questioned for their credibility and relevance, his leadership ensured that the AF remained an institution of absolute integrity, a beacon for our country.”

Cape Town Premier Alan Winde has worked closely with Kimi over the past few years and said that they shared a goal which both took very seriously; to ensure that the government delivers on its commitments to the people and does so in a manner which is trustworthy and corruption-free. “It was a role that he filled with professionalism and which he always pursued with the best interests of South Africans at heart.”

Alan says that their discussions were sometimes robust, but that they worked well together. “For that, I thank him from the bottom of my heart. He will be missed by the entire Western Cape Government team.”

Everyone extended their condolences to the family of Kimi Makwetu.

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