CFO and CHRO Summit Cape Town: Put the customer at the centre of your business


Capitec CFO André du Plessis will be sharing his customer-centric view at the summit.

CFO and CHRO South Africa’s Reimagining the Customer Summit will be held on 12 March 2019 at the Deloitte Greenhouse in Cape Town. 

The summit will take a look at how the speed of digital change in business has revolutionised the way we can know our customers. It’s no longer the domain of sales and marketing  everyone across the business can and must know who they serve.  

During this exceptional learning event, South Africa’s leading CFOs, HR leaders and CMOs will be asked how their organisations are reimagining the customer and connecting traditional back-office functions to the benefit of their customers. They’ll be asked to share their perspectives and experiences. 

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Capitec co-founder and CFO André du Plessis will be sharing his customer-centric view at the summit. 

He says: 

“I cannot tell you how much work we have done to really understand what it is that clients want and what they don’t like... Whether you sell financial services, beer or food, you need to see your clients to know what they need.”

André says it is crucial to keep in touch with clients in every possible way. He says: “We have a team of people watching Twitter to monitor and respond, but we also interact in more traditional ways. While I might phone if I have an issue and my dad’s generation might go to a branch, younger people have no qualms about airing their frustrations on social media, in public. We need to respond, correct and improve and not just keep people quiet. That is why we discuss what comes out of Twitter during our management meetings.”

Sydney Mbhele, chief executive, Brand, Sanlam, will talk about Reimagining the customer  2019 and beyond from a CMO’s perspective. And Nicola Tyler, the CEO of the Business Results Group, will deliver the concluding remarks. 

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