CFO Francois Schindehütte: If you deliver your best, the results will look after themselves


Growthpoint Properties wins IAS Excellence in Financial Reporting and Communications Award 2019.

Growthpoint Properties is the overall winner of the Investment Analysts Society (IAS) of South Africa Excellence in Financial Reporting and Communications Awards 2019 and has also been voted as the leader in communication and financial reporting in the property sector category. 

According to the winners announcement by the IAS, Growthpoint has earned the award for displaying excellence in transparency, financial disclosure and communication with members of the IAS and the investment community. 

Growthpoint Properties CFO of South Africa Francois Schindehütte says he is incredibly proud of the consistency and continuity displayed by the relatively small teams over the last nine years. He says that it aligns perfectly with all five of the Growthpoint values of “Be the best”, “Wow them”, “Power of us”, “Own it” and “Break new ground”.

Francois adds that, each member of the team has taken responsibility for and ultimately delivered their best. “There is no deliberate strategy to win the awards, it is a simple belief that if you deliver your best, the results will look after itself. The input from the executives in our various reports and presentations is not to be underestimated.”

He says that the external recognition is great as it reaffirms the company’s internal recognition and confirms that the teams in the company are doing a really good job. “Growthpoint’s reporting paints a clear picture of the entire company, and includes information and numbers from all areas of our business and from each and every property, so the broader company also plays a part in our reporting and communication, which ultimately reflects the commitment and hard work of the entire team.”

Growthpoint has been acknowledged for its excellent disclosure and quality market intelligence by the IAS every year since 2011. It has also been named overall winner of these awards three times, “demonstrating its consistency in best practice reporting and setting a commendable benchmark”.

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