Dimension Data moves its brand forward with NTT collaboration


It will represent NTT in the Middle East, Africa while retaining the Dimension Data brand.

Japan’s telecommunications company Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT Corporation) has launched a new entity called NTT, which is set to provide technology and business solutions around the world.  

The formation of NTT, which will become a US $11 billion business, was made possible by the collaboration and merger of 28 companies, including South Africa-headquartered information technology company Dimension Data, NTT Communications and NTT Security.  NTT Communications and NTT Security are subsidiaries of NTT Corporation.

NTT, the newly launched entity, will be headquartered in London and led by former Dimension Data CEO Jason Goodall. It will employ around 40,000 people in offices located in more than 70 countries.

Collaborating with NTT is a big deal for Dimension Data, which was founded in the 1980s and was listed on the JSE and the London Stock Exchange before it was acquired by NTT Corporation in 2010. The acquisition deal worth £2.1-billion (R24.4-billion at the time). 

Dimension Data will leverage NTT’s shared services, technology, and platform investments.

The collaboration will see the Dimension Data brand will fall away in markets around the world. However, the company's Middle East and Africa (MEA) operation will retain its long-established and well-known brand. Dimension Data’s subsidiary brands including Internet Solutions, Merchants and Britehouse will also retain their names. 

This is due to strong brand equity in the MEA territory, along with no direct NTT presence across the territory, Dimension Data said. 
Grant Bodley (pictured), the CEO for Dimension Data MEA, said the launch of the new NTT entity is an important step for Dimension Data, a company which was founded in South Africa is now taking on the global technology stage. 

“We’re so proud to be able to move this brand forward in the region, while also retaining our strong links with NTT, enabling us to continue to deliver world-class services, technology and expertise,” said Grant. 

Jason Goodall, CEO for NTT and former Dimension Data CEO, said he is “extremely proud” to lead the new entity into a new and exciting era.

“We’ve created a global technology services provider that delivers a full breadth of industry-leading products, solutions and managed services that address our clients’ business needs. We know technology doesn’t standstill. And nor do we.”

Jason said NTT will deliver solutions that are both relevant for the technology and business services industry by offering a full range of capabilities. 

NTT’s full range of capabilities will offer: 

  • Clients access to a more comprehensive range and greater depth of skills across multiple technologies and capabilities. 
  • Global technology and managed services that are world-leading in scale and depth
  • Improved ability to deliver a more in-depth industry solutions for clients
  • World-class managed services platforms with the ability to deliver local customizations to meet clients’ needs in each market
  • Increased investment in innovation and R&D

President and CEO for NTT Corporation Jun Sawada said when the company combines the new capabilities of NTT along with NTT Data (the company’s subsidiary), it will create a top-five global technology and business solutions provider with US$20 billion revenues outside of Japan. 

“Going forward, we will accelerate our execution as one NTT in order to contribute to a smarter and better world through digital transformation,” said Jun. 

He said choosing London as NTT’s headquarters has many benefits, including a stable economy, wealth of skills and talent, diversity in population and thinking, strong infrastructure, schools and housing for global talent moving to the city. 

The new company already partners with over 10,000 clients around the world including the world’s leading organizations in financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy & utilities, manufacturing, automotive and technology sectors. Companies already benefiting from NTT’s intelligent technology solutions include Tour de France, ALMA, City of Las Vegas, Connected Conservation, ISPPC, Alcatel and NXP.

Tsunehisa Okuno, chairman for NTT and executive vice president for NTT Corporation said: “Along with creating a very strong technology and managed services provider in NTT, we have also increased our commitment to invest more in R&D, new technology startups through our venture capital fund, and developing our own disruptive innovation business team.”

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