Finance flash: the TOP-10 articles of week 15, 2019


Want to keep up to date with the latest developments in finance, but you are short of time? Don't worry. CFO South Africa weekly collects 10 of the most important articles from international media for your convenience.

1. The Absolute Worst Way to Begin an Email
I just checked my inbox and there it was. Yet another email that opens with that gawd-awful phrase "I hope you're well."  I get emails like this all the time...

2. 28 Icebreaker Questions to Start Your Next Team Meeting
Think icebreakers only apply to meetings with people you don't know? Think again.

3. The Dangers of Lacking Leadership Communication
Failing to communicate can harm the business, the workplace dynamic and the employees which largely keep things afloat.

4. The Psychology Behind Unethical Behavior
On a warm evening after a strategy off-site, a team of executives arrives at a well-known local restaurant. The group is looking forward to having dinner together, but the CEO is not happy about the table and demands a change. “This isn’t the one that my assistant usually reserves for me,” he says. A young waiter quickly finds the manager who explains that there are no other tables available....

5. Climate Change Reporting: A Catalyst for Change
As the effects of climate change become more prominent, they will become more and more visible in financial statements, says IASB's chair.

6. The Pivotal Management Challenge of the AI Era
For most people, artificial intelligence was strictly a sci-fi concept until recent years. Yet, if you go by the above timeline, the AI revolution may actually be running at least two decades late...

7. What every CEO needs to know about ‘superstar’ companies
The superstar effect is real, and in this new competitive environment, strategy matters more than ever.

8. Eight basic beliefs about capturing value in a merger
Show me the money!” That demand, heard throughout Jerry Maguire, could provide the rallying cry for most mergers. But maximizing deal value requires more than repeating a catchy slogan. It requires embracing eight basic beliefs. In this article, we lay them out and offer key takeaways for each one.

9. Podcast: How CFOs can thrive during a dramatic shift
With business in general and finance in particular undergoing rapid change, CFOs are being counted on more than ever to be leaders through the upheaval. Sandy Cockrell, CPA, managing partner for Deloitte’s CFO programme, shares insights from CFOs and passes on advice for how they can stay up to speed related to their own skillset and that of the finance workforce.

10. Uber Revs Up for Long-Awaited, $10 Billion IPO
The offering prospectus “renewed questions about how sustainable Uber’s business actually is," showing core revenue growth slowed to 39% last year.

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