Finance Indaba Online Keynote to peer into the future, which is closer than we think


Futurist Graeme Codrington will share some ideas that could change the face of finance forever.

On 31 March, TomorrowToday founder and futurist Graeme Codrington will open the Finance Indaba Online with a keynote about the future being closer than we think.

If you think working from home, lockdowns, alcohol bans and Zoom fatigue have turned the world upside down, then you better buckle up for this opening keynote. In a dazzling, interactive session, Graeme will outline the multiple possible futures that lie ahead of us – and the seemingly ridiculous ideas that will shape the way your job, finance team, company and society function. Superfast worldwide travel, holidays on Mars, self-driving cars? Who knows what we’re in for, but Graeme has some ideas and they could change the face of finance forever.

The Finance Indaba, Africa’s biggest and best finance event, was reinvented in 2020 as the Finance Indaba Network, and is now a community platform for finance professionals to interact and engage with the whole year round. The innovative virtual conference and expo, Finance Indaba Online, will bring together more than 5,000 finance professionals who want to accelerate their knowledge, network and career.

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