Nominee CFO Awards: Garth Saunders, Finance Director SABMiller


Garth Saunders is nominated for the CFO Awards. Here below the factsheet of Garth and SABMiller is shown. The factsheet together with his jury interview will be used to determine the CFO Award winners.

Garth Saunders


Finance Director

Nationality: South African
CFO since: 2002


  • 2002 - Present: Finance Director - SAB
  • 2000 - 2002: Financial director Czech and Slovak Republics - SAB
  • 1987- 1999: Various positions - SAB
  • 1984 - 1987: senior accountant - SAB


  • CA (SA)
  • University of Natal - B.Com

Additional Information:

  • Interview with CFO South Africa, 9-12-2011
    As a modern leader you need to lead by example, read the full interview here.

The South African Breweries
Employees: 9400 (2013, South Africa)
Sector: Consumer Staples
Industry: Consumer products
Sub-Industry: Beverages

Founded in 1895, the South African Breweries (SAB) is the South African subsidiary and historical birthplace of SABMiller plc, one of the world's largest brewers by volume with more than 200 brands and brewing interests and distribution agreements in 75 countries across six continents.

SAB is South Africa's premier brewer and leading distributor of beer and soft drinks. For over 115 years SAB has been an integral part of the social fabric of our country and continues to play a crucial role in the national economy.

The company operates seven breweries and 40 depots in South Africa with an annual brewing capacity of 3.1 billion litres. Its portfolio of beer brands meets the needs of a wide range of consumers and includes five of the country's top six most popular beer brands - namely Carling Black Label, Hansa Pilsener, Castle Lager, Castle Lite and Castle Milk Stout. Its full brand portfolio includes ten beers and five flavoured alcoholic beverages.

SAB's soft drinks division is Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI), one of the largest producers and distributors of Coca-Cola brands in the southern hemisphere. With five state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in South Africa, ABI accounts for approximately 60% of Coca-Cola's sales in South Africa.

As well as its beer and soft drink divisions, SAB also owns a hop production company, The South African Breweries Hop Farms (Pty) Ltd; a barley farming company, The South African Breweries Barley Farms (Pty) Ltd; a barley malting company, The South African Breweries Maltings (Pty) Ltd; and a 60% share of the metal crown manufacturer, Coleus Packaging (Pty) Ltd.

SAB employs nearly 9,400 people, more than 75% of whom are from previously disadvantaged groups, and 58% of its workers are black. In addition SAB's operations support an estimated 37,095 jobs at SAB's first round suppliers. For each job offered by SAB and its first round suppliers, 6.7 additional jobs are supported in the rest of the South African economy. In all 355,000 full time jobs in South Africa can directly or indirectly be traced back to the production of SAB's products.

Financial Results:

Revenue (US $ Million)










SABMiller SA





EBITA (US $ Million)










SABMiller SA





Additional information:

Annual report 2013

Key performance indicators (KPIs)
We use a range of KPIs to monitor progress against our four strategic priorities and our ?nancial goal. Our KPIs and other performance indicators include non-GAAP performance measures to assess

underlying performance. These incorporate constant exchange rates for measuring revenue and pro?t growth; organic measures to exclude acquisition and divestment effects; adjusted pro?t measures to exclude

exceptional items and amortisation of certain intangible assets; and adjusted EBITDA as a key cash ?ow measure (which includes dividends from the MillerCoors joint venture and excludes the cash impact of exceptional items).

Strategic priorities

  • Creating a balanced and attractive global spread of businesses.
  • Developing strong, relevant brand portfolios that win in the local market
  • Constantly raising the pro?tability of local businesses, sustainably.
  • Leveraging our skills and global scale
  • To deliver a higher return to our shareholders than our peer group over the longer term.

To be the most admired company in South Africa; a partner of choice, an investment of choice and an employer of choice.

To own and nurture local and international brands which are the consumer's first choice.

Our people are our enduring advantage

  • The calibre, passion and commitment of our people set us apart
  • We value and encourage diversity
  • We select and develop people for the long-term
  • Performance is what counts.

Accountability is clear and personal

  • We favour decentralised management and a practical maximum of local autonomy
  • Goals and objectives are aligned and clearly articulated
  • We prize both intellectual rigour and emotional engagement
  • We are honest about performance
  • We require and enable self-management

We work and win in teams

  • We actively develop and share knowledge within the group
  • We consciously balance local and group interests
  • We foster trust and integrity in internal relationships
  • We encourage camaraderie and a sense of fun

We understand and respect our customers and consumers

  • We are endlessly concerned with our customers' needs and perceptions
  • We build lasting relationships, based on trust
  • We aspire to offer the preferred choices of product and service
  • We innovate and lead in a changing world

Our reputation is indivisible

  • Our reputation relies on the actions and statements of every employee
  • We build our reputation for the long term
  • We are fair and ethical in all our dealings
  • We benefit the local communities in which we operate

Source: Annual report SABMiller 2013

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