iHealthcare Group and iHealthcare Group Holdings lists on 4AX


4AX's Eugene Booysen said these listings demonstrate the incredible opportunities that still exist in SA.

4 Africa Exchange (4AX) announced the successful listings of iHealthcare Group and iHealthcare Group Holdings, which came into effect as the exchange opened on Friday 17 January.

The listings had been readied in December 2019, but due to unexpected delays and the holiday season had been postponed to the new year. 

About the new listings, 4AX CEO Eugene Booysen said:

“While fluctuations in international and local markets persist in having a direct impact on strained growth in the economy and business, these listings demonstrate the incredible opportunities that still exist in South Africa, despite investor shyness and some lingering scepticism over market uncertainty.”

Booysen highlighted that the pace of change in healthcare around the world is accelerating. “Locally this is compounded by the duality of the significant task ahead to increase capacity of, and access to, healthcare services – which is paramount to aiding the wellbeing of all citizens – and adopting the latest in medical technology, tools and protocols to be able to deliver quality care services in a brave new digital world,” he said. 

Booysen added: “I would argue then that organisations that are likely to be most successful in navigating this acceleration - and any market uncertainty - are those that focus more on patient care to improve outcomes and reduced costs. This is where the opportunity lies – an opportunity that the iHealthcare Group companies, with their invested interests, have identified and embraced. And, the listings of the iHealthcare Group companies on the 4AX Exchange will enable these companies to raise capital, engage with the market and achieve their strategic growth objectives.”

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