Kaspersky Lab: Only 50% of mobile devices are protected from cybercrime


The latest research from Kaspersky Lab, a global cybersecurity company, shows that half of the mobile devices around the globe are at risk from cybercrime and malicious threats, due to inadequate protection. The research suggests that users are unaware of the need to protect their mobile devices with a security solution – while 69% think that their desktops and laptops definitely need IT security software, only 56% think the same about smartphones and tablets. Victor Yablokov (pictured) Head of Mobile Product Line at Kaspersky Lab, said:

"Not protecting these devices (mobile phones) is not an option if we want to protect what matters to us most. But with only half of mobiles being protected effectively globally, there is a lot more work to be done before we are safe from cyber threats. At Kaspersky Lab, we want to help people become more aware of the dangers they are exposing themselves to. By becoming more cyber-savvy, they can then be more prepared for the online world and the dangers it brings."

The research found that among those who faced cyberthreats, 18% have had their Android smartphones infected, and 8% have had their data intercepted on their Android smartphone. Out of the 12,000 respondents surveyed across 21 countries it was found that in South Africa, only 63% of tablets and 64% of smartphones have a security solution installed, as people tend to protect their computers (92%) more than their mobile devices.

To help protect mobile devices from cybercrime, Kaspersky Lab has developed Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, which protects smartphones and tablets from dangerous apps and websites, ensures user privacy thanks to call and text filtering, and has an anti-theft feature whichguards the safety of user data when a device is lost or stolen.

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