Kenya Africa's second-best investment destination

EY, in its Africa Attractiveness Index 2017 (AAI 2017), has named Kenya as this year’s second-most attractive investment destination, pipped only by Morocco.

The index said:

"Kenya, which is East Africa's anchor economy (and SSA's fourth largest), saw investment flag in 2016 after a bumper year in 2015. FDI projects were down 57.9 per cent, while capital investment declined by 55.5 per cent. But on a longer-term perspective, FDI flows into Kenya has tended to ebb and flow year-on-year."

On the AAI 2017, Kenya scored high in the long-term outlook in governance and human development (16 out of 20), infrastructure and logistics (16 out of 20), and scored about average for economic diversification (10 out of 20), and improved business environment rating (10 out of 20).