Sedibelo Resources’ Maruschka du Plessis on women in finance


For group reporting manager Maruschka du Plessis, Sedibelo is an empowering work environment.

Maruschka du Plessis is the group reporting manager at Sedibelo Resources (SRL) and is one of three 2ICs to the CFO at Sedibelo Resources, Elmarie Maritz.

Even though women are still hugely under-represented within all aspects of the financial services industry, all four (the CFO and her three 2ICs) are women. And all of them are committed to the fostering of an engaged, productive, and inclusive workplace culture.

Supporting women’s advancement in the industry is important, Maruschka believes. “Elmarie, our CFO, always says that one should never underestimate the power that lies in women, and I agree wholeheartedly.”
For Maruschka, finance is an exciting field and she is amazed by the evolution of the industry. “Finance is dynamic. It’s constantly changing and advancing and there is always something new you can learn. I am a person who likes being challenged. I thrive in a field that is exciting, challenging, and fast-paced. Furthermore, the career options are endless in finance. One will never feel limited.”

She loves the fact that not one day is the same at work. “There is always something new to unpack and understand. With my role being both operational and financial reporting, I get exposure to all the areas in the business,” she says.

Since she worked at RCL Foods and Deloitte (SA and in Australia) in the past, this is her first position at a mining company, and she enjoys the working environment and the nature of the work.

Her future goal is to simply keep on growing. “It is not necessarily a promotion or new role that helps one grow. I feel we are all responsible for growing ourselves – I get myself involved in different areas in the business or put my hand up to assist with assignments I wasn’t involved in previously. It helps me to grow both professionally and personally.

“My motto in life is: ‘You are the artist of your own life – don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else,’” she says.

Balancing the scales
Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment and personal life, and Maruschka is committed to a sustainable work-life balance.

She is married and is the proud mom of three kids, two boys and a girl. “I absolutely adore my husband and kids. I love spending time with my family as well as friends. Exercising is also key to keep me balanced.”

Her loved ones keep her going, Maruschka admits. “The people in my life are a huge motivator for me. Doing something for someone gives me energy, and it makes me feel loved.”

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