Author: Tramayne Monaghan

Tramayne Monaghan first joined Tencent Africa as CFO in April 2014. Since March 2020, Tramayne has taken on the role of chief people officer at Tencent Africa alongside positions as both CFO and chief innovation officer. At 26, Tramayne was the youngest divisional CFO for Tencent. He is a CA (SA) and holds an MBA from Regenesys. His MBA thesis was on the impact of mobile wallets on banked and unbanked populations. Tramayne is an avid reader, consuming books on psychology, leadership and technology. Some of his favourite psychology books include works by Carl Jung and Jordan Peterson. His business picks include books by Ben Horowitz and Seth Godin. “I am fascinated by the human mind and psychology – the balance between our dark and light sides,” he comments. He is in the process of completing his first book, which he plans to self-publish sometime next year. The manuscript, titled The Shepherd and the Beast contains stories of leadership throughout his career. These include experiences with supportive, inspirational leaders as well as hurtful, destructive ones. For Tramayne, the journey of writing has been deeply fulfilling. He hopes this book is the first of many as he grows a personal brand outside of his CFO responsibilities at Tencent Africa.

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