Author: Ugan Maistry

Ugan Maistry is an experienced technology strategist and technopreneur. He is passionate about 4IR technologies and the positive impact it can have on business and society. He is the founder and CEO of FIRtech Holdings, a business focussed on improving operational efficiencies and increasing competitiveness using innovative automation, ML and AI technologies. Equally, the business is involved in skills development with the intent of creating a workforce that can leverage the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution. Schooled in the art of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, his skills are expansive including strategy, technology leadership, people management and financial management. In his last corporate stint, he had expanded the footprint of a local South African technology business to 16 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America – using an M&A growth strategy. Prior to this, Ugan had an integral role in starting and growing Africa’s largest ERP system integrator.

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