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12 November 2014

Editorial: KPMG's Anthony Thunström to Foschini - CFOs with benefits?

Only a few days after professional services firm KPMG announced a ground-breaking partnership with CFO South Africa, one of the architects of that collaboration got a new job – as a CFO! From 1 February 2015 KPMG Africa COO Anthony Thunström will replace the retiring Ronnie Stein as CFO of JSE-listed clothing retailer, Foschini. We wish Anthony all the best and hope to meet him again at our events, this time with his CFO hat on.


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Life. It should be exhilarating. Leave you breathless and in awe of what can be achieved and accomplished. And how is life best experienced? In every single moment. In moments that feed your soul. So at its core, what is Jaguar about? The art of performance and subsequently outperforming. Every day we push performance to its limit. Our performance. Our cars’ performance. We innovate, we engineer, we design. We master rules and then break them. Only to push further. Past the limits of convention. Because that’s when performance becomes art. Since the first Jaguar car was produced in 1935 we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Our founder, Sir William Lyons, insisted that every car Jaguar produced combined performance and beauty like no other. His uncompromising vision set new benchmarks that we still live by. Our cars are a manifestation of our passion.  Performance that cannot be measured, only felt.  That’s why we call it art.