10 reasons your boss should send you to the training `Work smarter not harder`


So you want to sign up for SA's new blockbuster training, but how do you convince your boss to approve it? Here you will find 10 reasons why your boss should send you to this training:

  1. You will save up to 20% of your working time by touching things only once, using the right tools and by focusing your attention on the most important things. 

  2. The quality of your work will increase. You will learn how to use ‘second brain’ which will help you to be more accurate and reliable in the way you work. Nothing will slip through the cracks anymore. 

  3. By feeling more in control and experiencing less stress you are able to do your best work in serving your clients. 

  4. You will spend less time on email and distractions resulting in achieving better results in the work that your boss hired you for. 

  5. 1 in 5 people are off work every year as a result of work-related stress. This results in high costs for employers. By following this training, you will make sure not to be one of them. 
  6. You will be able to maximize your energy, focus and motivation which will be visible to your colleagues and clients by the results you achieve. 

  7. You will learn how to survive in the age of ‘information-overload’ and how to avoid being overwhelmed. You will know what’s important and what not. 

  8. You will be able to maintain a proper work-life balance which makes you happier and healthier at work. 

  9. Your boss can benefit from a special introduction price - only valid in 2017. 

  10. You will receive 14 CPD hours. 


Sign up for the 2 day blockbuster course "Work smarter not harder".

How you deal with your limited amount of attention defines how successful you are. Avoid stress, procrastination, interruptions and trivial distractions. Discover how to break through these barriers, so you can focus on what really matters. You will rapidly process all the information, experience control over your work and make conscious choices about what needs your attention at what moment. Download the PDF of the course "Work smarter not harder" or RSVP direct.

Your investment for this two day course is ZAR 1.750 (excl VAT) including lunch, refreshments and learning materials. And receive 14 CPD hours.

The 2017 course dates are 14 & 15 March or 20 & 21 September (Venue: KPMG St Andrews Road Parktown Johannesburg).

Get your tickets today (Quicket). Email Alex van Groningen to inquire about incompany training [email protected] .

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