5 tips for CFOs managing workforce worries


No CFO will admit to enjoying a stress-free working life and one of the biggest sources of angst is tension within the finance team. Economic and political conditions, demographics, and culture shape the challenges CFOs encounter with team members and this is true no matter where they find themselves.

Quoted in the CIMA magazine, a Robert Half survey of more than 2 000 CFOs in the USA suggested:

  • One-quarter of respondents said their top worries were either interpersonal issues with coworkers or supervisors, or their own on-the-job performance.
  • Finding and hiring the right finance talent for open jobs kept 23% of them up at night.
  • Seventeen per cent worried about unhappy customers threatening to take away business and 2% lay awake because of security threats to IT systems.

Robert Half is a leading specialised recruitment and staffing agency. To ease these workplace worries, itsuggests that CFOs:

Address issues as they arise. Workplace conflicts get worse when ignored and avoided.

Set goals and timelines. Make the results you need to see from your staff clear, with deadlines and expected outcomes.

Recognise your team. Different people respond to different motivational techniques, but everyone likes to hear when they're doing a good job. Don't hold back on genuine praise.

Evaluate your hiring strategy. In addition to having the necessary skills and fitting in with the corporate culture, great employees share a few qualities, including a can-do attitude, right-sized ego, and a sense of humour. Periodically refresh your recruiting plan to ensure you're attracting the right people.

Drive employee recruitment and retention. Finding skilled professionals when you need them can be stressful. If you nurture a talent pipeline year-round, you'll be better equipped for the future.

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