Accounting and finance place fourth in South Africa, says Talent Shortage Survey


Lyndy van den Barselaar encourages job seekers to extend their professional skill sets.

According to ManpowerGroup’s 13th annual Talent Shortage Survey, accounting and finance placed fourth on the list of South Africa’s top skills shortage. Globally, however, accounting and finance placed seventh on the list. 

According to the report, large enterprises report a 42 percent shortage in talent and desired skills, followed by 40 percent for medium, 31 percent for small, and 22 percent for micro-enterprises. 

ManpowerGroup South Africa MD Lyndy van den Barselaar says: 

“Compared to the global average, however, South Africa is ahead of the game, as global talent shortages average out at 54 percent, while South Africa is at 34 percent. Interestingly, this number has held steady since the 2016 survey, although the makeup of shortages has shifted somewhat.” 

At the top of the list of South Africa’s skills shortage is skilled trades, followed by technicians. 

Here is how South Africa compares to the rest of the world, according to the report: 

“South Africa corresponds with the global results that skilled trades, technicians, and sales and marketing positions are the most difficult to fill,” Lyndy says. However, while this might seem like an opportunity for job seekers, the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey for the first quarter of 2020 indicated that very few employers are looking to increase their payroll. “Job seekers are encouraged to extend their professional skill sets to give themselves the necessary advantage.” 

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