Africa is perfectly positioned for digitisation: Kerushan Govender at #findaba17


The First World must destroy heavy machinery in order to make room for new technological developments, but because Africa was never highly developed, digitisation can happen faster, Kerushan Govender of Blacfox told technology enthusiasts last week at Finance Indaba Africa 2017, held at the Sandton Convention Centre.

According to Kerushan, the digital revolution means you have to press buttons, whereas previously, heavy machinery and big gears had to be moved for things to be done. Africa was never industrialised, therefore it is easier to digitise.

"Africa is not the sorrow child of the planet anymore. We have to re-engineer the way we think of our businesses."

Kerushan enthusiastically told delegates that in 1994, it was not uncommon to hear technological experts say that Africa will take long to digitise because its population was largely illiterate. However, this has not been the case. Statistics show that 85 percent of Africans are connected to the cyberspace using their mobile phones. This means that businesses must up their game and make sure that they are technologically advanced.

"The more businesses can adopt technology, the better for the continent," Kerushan said, adding that his business can help companies become more techn-savvy. Launched in March this year, Blacfox offers a suite of services to both technology buyers and suppliers. While the company does not buy or sell technology itself, it works with both parties to ensure that the business aspirations of buyers are realised through the power of technology.

He highlighted that in today's world, it's not just the IT department's responsibility to stay abreast of technological developments but that CFOs also need to be able to manage emerging risks and opportunities that arise from new technologies, including cyberattacks and social media. "CFOs need to become more techn-savvy and we are here to help them through this process," he said.

According to Kerushan, Blacfox helps business leaders to make effective technological decisions, and helps CFOs to choose suitable technology for their businesses. Blacfox is also adept at distinguishing good products from bad. "We will help you through your transition process and get you from where you are to where you want to be," Kerushan said.

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