Africa's richest man invests in sub-Saharan Africa


Nigerian billionaire and Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote, has decided that more is more, and recently announced that he will be investing billions of dollars in Zimbabwe to boost development and create employment.

The investments, expected to begin in early 2016, will be made primarily in the areas of power generation, coal mining and cement production.

Last year, Dangote Group and Blackstone announced a joint investment of some $5 million in energy infrastructure projects across sub-Saharan Africa, to run until 2020, with an emphasis on power, and transmission and pipeline projects.

Dangote Group - the largest indigenous industrial conglomerate in sub-Saharan Africa - operates across the continent, in various industries including manufacturing, logistics and power generation. Aliko Dangote made most of his wealth through Dangote Cement, the Group's largest subsidiary.

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