Bain's Vittorio Massone: CFOs should become predictors of success


Bain’s Vittorio Massone: CFOs should become predictors of success

From left to right: Alex van Groningen (CFO SA), Alison Retzlaff (Bain & Company) and Vittorio Massone (Bain & Company).

The era when CFOs of big companies mainly reported on profit, loss and balance sheets should be over, said Vittorio Massone of Bain & Company South Africa. "These days CFOs around the world should have a much bigger role in predicting success," said the director and partner of the fast-growing consultancy firm, who was participating in a wide-ranging conversation with the founding team of CFO SA, Alex van Groningen and Melle Eijckelhof.

CFO SA's Van Groningen and Eijckelhoff are currently building a community of South African CFOs by facilitating peer-to-peer events, round tables and meetings on topics that challenge modern CFOs.

Located in Johannesburg, Bain South Africa is the sub-Saharan African office of Bain & Company. In the last few years the company has grown from a handful of employees to a firm of over a 100, mainly assisting companies with a turnover of more than EURO1 billion to build sustainable growth and transform their organisations.

One of the important tools that Bain uses is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a trademark customer loyalty metric used to inform the business decisions of executives. There is a great need for this, Massone said, "especially in a country like South Africa, which doesn't have a history of customer service."

Massone has a intimate understanding of the dynamic and challenging world South African CFOs live in. Check back on this website soon for the full account of interview with the Bain's director!

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