Beancounter CEO Marnus Broodryk a "Shark` on M-Net's new show


Marnus Broodryk (pictured), CEO of The Beancounter, an accounting firm currently disrupting SA’s finance industry with its innovative approach, has agreed to dig deep into his own pockets in order to give away big money on M-Net’s brand new reality show, Shark Tank South Africa, for which he has been chosen as a “Shark”. Based on the Emmy-award-winning US series, Shark Tank invites entrepreneurs with potentially lucrative products or business ideas to pitch their plans to the "Sharks” for consideration. If they like the idea, they may offer the entrepreneur a deal. Broodryk said:

"I am willing to support anyone who stands out - even if I don't necessarily relate to the product or service. But you will have to show me a proven business or adequate traction. I have a strong financial background and have worked with hundreds of small businesses in South Africa and abroad. I do understand what makes and breaks a business - and that's often not what you're taught in university text books. You don't have to know everything yet, but you need to show your desire to succeed with a strong pitch that will capture my imagination."

Broodryk was a self-made millionaire by the time he turned 24. Now 30 years old, he has launched several multi-million-rand companies. He has expressed interesting in investing in business-to-business services or products, ideally with subscription models; business models with a focus on SMEs; technology companies; e-commerce; and companies with a social impact.

Shark Tank South Africa entries close on 31 July, and the show is scheduled to air from 2 October.

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