CFO Yvonne Dias’s top leadership takeaways


Mint Group CFO Yvonne Dias shares her key lessons on being an authentic leader.

When Mint Group separated from Morvest, Yvonne Dias’s leadership was put to the test in more ways than one. In fact, she almost resigned as the company’s group CFO.

Instead of giving up, however, she faced the challenges thrown at her, and in the process, she has given other leaders like herself the support and encouragement to do the same.

In an interview with CFO South Africa, Yvonne acknowledged that the first step towards change was having the courage to have difficult conversations.

“You need to be able to raise your voice and speak your truth to make a difference in this world, If something isn’t right, speak up, even if it’s difficult.”

She explained that, in most cases, addressing issues directly leads to better outcomes. “I have never shied away from speaking my mind and pointing out if something isn’t right, and as tough as it is, the outcome is usually better.”

Asked if she had any advice to give leaders who are also facing challenges that may seem insurmountable, Yvonne encouraged them to be authentic and true to themselves.

“In life, you can only control yourself and your own actions, so embrace your uniqueness.”

She added that leaders should always be passionate and stay engaged, and people will follow.

Lastly, she emphasised the importance of support. “Always know who your supporters are, and embrace them, because a strong support system is vital for success.”

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