Don’t underestimate the resilience and dedication of South Africans, says CFO Mark Gounder


Mark says the support Hulamin has received to resume operations is an example of the country’s resilience.

Following the abatement of the civil unrest in South Africa, Hulamin has resumed its production activities.

The aluminium supplier and exporter is located in a semi-industrial area in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, which saw the worst of the civil unrest. A number of its neighbouring retail stores had been looted and one was gutted by fire.

As a result of this civil unrest, and public transport to and from Pietermaritzburg having been suspended, Hulamin suspended operations for five days to ensure the safety of its employees and assets on 12 July.

CFO Mark Gounder says that a sense of calm prevails as Pietermaritzburg gradually returns to normal. “The plant resumed operations safely on 16 July 2021 with our assets intact, and all efforts are being applied to recover lost production due to a full order book.”

The company said that the property loss it sustained during the civil unrest was limited to theft of a few small non-critical items and minor damages.

“The key to Hulamin’s success is our people, hence management’s focus is monitoring and improving employee morale and wellbeing during these challenging times,” Mark says.

In a statement, the company acknowledged the efforts made by the government and the security cluster in restoring law and order and extended its gratitude to employees and community members for their contribution and support to local clean-up operations.

“Don’t underestimate the resilience and dedication of South Africans to rise above any challenge,” Mark says. “The support that Hulamin has received from our committed and dedicated management team and employees to bring our plant safely online and resume operations has been a perfect example of how anything is possible as long as you work together towards a common goal.”

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