EPPF CEO Linda Mateza to step down


Linda has chosen to step down from her role as the EPPF CEO to spend more time with her family.

The Eskom Pension and Provident Fund has announced that its CEO and principal officer, Linda Mateza, has chosen to step down from her role in order to reduce her work commitments and spend more time with her young family.

Chairman of the EPPF board Caroline Henry said:

“I’d like to assure you that the EPPF’s strategy will remain the same – ensuring the financial sustainability of the fund into the future, optimising service to members ensuring compliance and good governance; and building the fund’s brand and reputation.”

She added that there is much to be proud of in what the EPPF team has achieved during Linda’s leadership. “We will continue working to utilise the size and stature of the fund to reap sustainable economic benefits for South Africa. We will do this by focusing on investment in the real economy as a means to improve the broader economic landscape that we all live in.”

Linda will serve a three-month notice period to ensure an effective handover of management of the fund and will work with the board on the process of appointing a new CEO and principal officer.

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